Football Free Kick Mannequin [YELLOW]

Football Free Kick Mannequin [YELLOW]

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Condition: New product

Become a football set piece king with the Football Free Kick Mannequin. Designed with built-in spikes and a tough PVC frame. Size: 6ft


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We’ve all dreamed about scoring that match-defining free kick, perfectly executing the up and down technique required to beat the wall and goalkeeper, but the reality is, it’s a tricky skill to perfect. Well now, with the football free kick mannequins you can put in the hours on the training pitch required to achieve that David Beckham-esque blends of precision and power on a matchday.

Built to withstand the most ferocious of piledrivers, the tough, PVC body, and 60cm wide molded chest plate comes in height (Senior 6ft). As well as toughness in its locker, the free kick football mannequin also provides excellent stability. With each having 4 built-in ground spikes, your stars can perfect their Pirlo-like technique for hours.

If playing on AstroTurf is more your thing then fear not, these high-quality football mannequins are multi-functional. Our sold-separately rubber bases are specially designed to cater for these mannequins, so the practice doesn’t have to end at the grass. Realistic, strong and stable, these free kick football mannequins pose as the perfect coaching equipment, helping to improve skill level and removing the threat of injury!

These free kick football mannequins can be multi-purpose too! As well as free kick training, they can be used to improve speed, agility, and coordination so by strategically placing them on the pitch, you’ll have your superstars dribbling like Messi in no time at all!